e-Newsletter for June, 2001.


The D-Day memorial is scheduled to be dedicated this June 6th. For more information visit:


For those of you on the west coast, or visiting there soon, you might find this group of interest:


This organization puts on USO type shows and has a band, with its members wearing USAAF uniforms and playing music from the 40's.


A new book entitled Bomber Missions is out. This book contains photos of paintings of WWII bombers in action. The paintings are very nice, and should be hanging on your wall and not in a book sitting on your shelf. However, having priced such paintings, the latter alternative is a more financially sound choice. The 486th is also featured in this book. Two of the zodiac bombers are in the book. These zodiac paintings are also sold as part of model kits manufactured by Academy models. Academy makes a Zodiac Bomber series of models based on the famous bombers of the 834th at 1:72nd scale.

Another book, entitled, Military Aircraft Graveyards (boneyards?) takes a look at the final resting place of many old warbird from all eras. It contains photos of Kingman, AZ, where the B17s and B24s were sent to be sold as scrap. If you're a plane nut like me (or is that plain nuts), you'll find it sad to see these bombers sitting there waiting to be cut up. Several 486th forts can be seen in this photos. A similar book, which I may have mentioned before, entitled "Final Cuts" features restored B17s. Here too, photos of Kingman are included.

Request for Information:

I have a request for information from Gary Price of the 91st BGMA. He is researching B17 #988, which was named "The B.T.O." According to Freeman, this plane was originally assigned to the 835th BS/486th BG on July 14th, and was transferred a week later to the 324th BS/91st BG. Here call letter was "F." A picture is available at www.usaaf-noseart.co.uk . See:


If anyone knows anything of this aircraft, please let me know, and I'll pass it on. Our artist, Phil Brinkman, is also featured on this site.

Other news:

I have been trying to update crew mission lists. I have "completed" the lists for the crews of the 832nd and 833rd. I'll turn my attention to the 834th and 835th next. I should have this completed in the next two weeks. These lists should be considered as "rough drafts." I am trying to verify the entries from the flimsies, but with over 7000 planned sorties this is a daunting task. If you sent me your mission list, then I have left it as is. If you discover errors, please feel free to let me know. If you have any questions, please ask.

The missions lists that I generate are based upon flimsy information, and actually pertain to the pilot, and not necessarily to the crews. I am contemplating creating a database of missions flown by all combat crewmen, but with over 63,000 creditable individual sorties that is a long range task.

Bob Chilton sent me his archives he collected while historian. Many of the photos have made it onto the web, and many of these were of ground crew personnel. With all the work being done on the aircrews, I fear I may be giving the impression that I'm not concerned with the ground crews, but nothing is farther from the truth. The personnel of the support units are important, and I do put information regarding the support unis as it becomes available. Unfortunately, that information is hard to come by. So, once again, I'll put out a call to any ground support personnel for personal recollections, stories and anecdotes about your time at Station #174. If you have information regarding your group that you feel would be of interest, please let me know.

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