Bereman's Crew

CAPT Bereman's crew at Savannah, GA, July 1944.

Standing (L to R): Clark, Frank T. Chrastka (TG), Eugene R. Wall (WG), Clint Pentz (RO), John D. Reid (FE/Top), Dale. Front (L to R): Ron Bereman (P), John Uzdrowski (Healer) (CP), Alfeo Brusetti (B), Robert McCall (N). (Alfeo Brusetti, 832nd).

CAPT Bereman and crew would be assigned as a lead crew shortly after arriving in theater. S/SGT Chrastka and S/SGT Jones (not pictured) became pool gunners. They were killed on their final mission while flying with the Cloud crew on February 3rd, 1945.


Name Rank Position Status
Ron E. Bereman CAPT Pilot Assigned as lead pilot.
John A. Uzdrowski LT Copilot Changed last name to Healer after the war.
Robert J. McCall LT Navigator  
Rexford O. Tolliver LT Mickey Operator  
Robert W. Phillips LT Pin Pt. Navigator  
Al Brusetti LT Bombardier  
John D. Ried SGT FE/Top  
Clint Pentz SGT Radio Operator  
Eugene R. Wall SGT Waist  
Johnnie L. Jones S/SGT Ball KIA Feb 3, 1945 with Cloud's crew
Frank T. Chrastka S/SGT Tail KIA Feb 3, 1945 with Cloud's crew
Horace C. Dall Gunner Xferred
John E. Clark Gunner Xferred

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