Brown's Crew

LT James Brown's Crew

J. W. Birdwell stands second from left. LT Brown's crew became a lead crew and lost CPLs Lundin and Birdwell to transfers, and picked up F/O Paschke. Later, LT Brown became a squadron leader and LT Crabtree became first pilot.

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Crew Info

Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
James H. Brown 2nd LT Pilot 02/09/45   RTD ZOI
Jack L. Crabtree 2nd LT Copilot 02/09/45 04/20/45 RTD ZOI
Robert A. Harper 2nd LT Navigator 02/09/45 04/20/45 RTD ZOI
Lester G. Paschke F/O Radar Navigator 02/09/45 04/20/45 RTD ZOI
Henry T. Fulton SGT FE/Top 02/09/45 04/20/45 RTD ZOI
Edmund J. Krawczyk CPL Radio Operator 02/09/45 04/20/45 RTD ZOI
George J. Schmidbauer CPL Waist 02/09/45 04/20/45 RTD ZOI
Joseph A. Grella CPL Ball 02/09/45 04/20/45 RTD ZOI
Thomas J. Lundin CPL Waist 02/09/45   RTD ZOI
James W. Birdwell CPL Tail 02/09/45   RTD ZOI

Mission Info

Mission Date Name ID S/N Type
143 02/14/45 King Kong TC 44-39178 B17G
144 02/15/45 King Kong TC 44-39178 B17G
145 02/16/45 King Kong TC 44-39178 B17G
146 02/17/45 King Kong TC 44-39178 B17G
152 02/25/45   TG 4x-xx059 B17G

Completed 10 Missions (5 with LT Crabtree as 1st pilot)

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