Evan's Crew


On 6 Feb 45, a/c 43-37992, with the Evan's crew aboard, was returning from an operational mission of longer than usual duration., which necessitated over half the a/c on the mission to land on the continent due to fuel shortage, and/or bad weather on return route. A/C #992 became lost on trying to return to base. This fact is because of the location of the crash (southern England), which is approximately one hundred miles south of its home base. From northern France, the path of flight was south of the briefed course of return increasing to a point where the crash took place. All the occupants of the a/c were killed, and there were no witnesses to the accident. Because of the location, no photos were taken and no inspection of the a/c made.

Weather conditions at the time of the accident were very bad. There was a 10/10 overcast at 100 feet extending up to as high as 15,00 ft in places. There was light intermittent rain in the vicinity which cut down visibility even under the overcast. This forecast was taken from Ford, England (an RAF base), which was approximately ten miles from the scene of the crash and at a lower altitude. At the time of the crash, ceiling was zero and visibility nil. In the neighborhood of where the crash occurred, there is a small ridge of hills that ran parallel to the coast line extending up as high as 800 ft in places and 30 to 40 miles in length. (NARA via Roland Andrews).

Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
Bruce W. Evans LT Pilot 10/30/44 02/06/45 KIA
Norman J. Rentfro LT Copilot   02/06/45 KIA
N. C. Scott LT Navigator      
Edwin O. Caldwell LT Bombardier   02/06/45 KIA
Ralph L. Weaver SGT Radio Operator   02/06/45 KIA
Gerald C. Miller SGT Waist   02/06/45 KIA
Edward J. Kummaus SGT Flight Engineer   02/06/45 KIA
Harold L. Hokenson SGT Ball   02/06/45 KIA
Kenneth V. Girtch SGT Tail   02/06/45 KIA
Mission Date Name ID S/N Type
099 10/30/44   TP 43-37992 B17G
100 (spare) 11/02/44   TP 43-37992 B17G
102 11/05/44 Rack and Ruin NT 43-37899 B17G
103 11/06/44   TD 43-37916 B17G
104 11/09/44   TP 43-37992 B17G
105 11/10/44   TA 43-39902 B17G
106 11/16/44   TP 43-37992 B17G
107 11/21/44   TP 43-37992 B17G
108 11/25/44   TP 43-37992 B17G
110 11/30/44   TP 4x-xx992 B17G
113 12/10/44   DJ 4x-xx963 B17G
116 12/16/44   TP 43-37992 B17G
117 12/23/44   TP 43-37992 B17G
118 12/24/44   TP 43-37992 B17G
120 12/28/44   TP 43-37992 B17G
121 12/29/44   TP 43-37992 B17G
123 12/31/45   DS 42-98001 B17G
124 01/01/45 Homesick Angel DC 44-6312 B17G
125 01/02/45   TE 4x-xx009 B17G
127 01/05/45   TP 43-37992 B17G
134 01/18/45   TP 43-37992 B17G
135 01/20/45   TP 43-37992 B17G
136 01/21/45 Mission Maid TM 4x-xx894 B17G
137 01/28/45   TP 43-37992 B17G
141 02/06/45   TP 43-37992 B17G

Completed 24 Missions


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