Hick's Crew


May 28, 1944 the Lt. Eugene Hicks plane took off from Sudbury, England to bomb a synthetic oil plant at Lutzkendorf, Germany. This was the 6th mission and 3rd plane for this crew. They were the lead plane in the lower squadron. As they approached the targe they were hit by flak and lost #3 engine. Losing air speed they left the squardron and dropped the bombs on a railroad storage yard the continued toward base. The Sudbury control tower received notification from the radio station at West Malling that they had received a message from #345, which gave its position South of Liege, Belgium. The aicraft reportedly made the coast, and over the English Channel the #4 engine quit. Ten of the crew successfully bailed out, and Lt. Hicks crashed into the sea and died on impact.

Three of the men were taken prisoner of war and seven others were seen and reported but never found. (MACR 5389)

Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
Eugene R. Hicks 2nd LT Pilot 05/07/44 05/28/44 KIA
John Johnson 2nd LT Copilot 05/07/44 05/28/44 KIA
David D. Moll 2nd LT Navigator 05/07/44 05/28/44 KIA
James N. Bogert CAPT Pin Pt. Navigator 05/07/44 05/28/44 POW
Kenneth E. Russel 2nd LT Bombardier 05/07/44 05/28/44 KIA
John C. Mroz         Transferred.
George Munro S/SGT Radio/Waist 05/07/44 05/28/44 POW
James R. Todd M/SGT Engineer/Waist 05/07/44 05/28/44 KIA
Charles R. Smith S/SGT Asst. Eng./Top 05/07/44 05/28/44 POW
Olin Bundrick SGT 2nd Engineer 05/07/44 05/28/44 KIA
Robert E. Drake S/SGT Armorer/Ball 05/07/44 05/28/44 KIA
Murray Moskowitz SGT Nose 05/07/44 05/28/44 KIA
003 05/09/44 Robin-D-Cradle TB 496 B24H
005 05/20/44     523 B24H
006 05/24/44   TR 300 B24H
008 05/25/44   TD 42-50345 B24H
010 05/28/44   TD 42-50345 B24H
Completed 6 Missions

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