Morris' Crew

"The Old Yard Dog," its crew, and passengers. We just returned to the States from our tour in England. We landed at Bradley Field, Windsor Locks, CT, on July 12, 1945. Standing: SGT J. Pecoraro (3rd from left), SGT William Hunter (4th from left), F/O Robert Garthwaite (5th from right), SGT Albert Sternberg (4th from right), SGT William Kablunde (3rd from right), F/O Samuel Edelson (Right). Front: SGT Richard Parker (5th from right), LT Samuel Moore (3rd from right), and F/O William Morris (right). The others are passengers flown home by the Morris crew. Not pictured: A stowaway Husky puppy. (submitted by Jerry Pecoraro)


Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
William Nelson Morris Flight Officer Pilot     Completed Tour.
Samuel R. Moore LT Copilot     Completed Tour.
Rober E. Garthwaite Flight Officer Navigator     Completed Tour.
Samuel Edelson Flight Officer Bombardier     Completed Tour.
Richard J. Parker SGT FE/Top     Completed Tour.
Jerome D. Pecoraro SGT Radio/Gunner     Completed Tour.
William H. Hunter SGT Armorer/Gunner     Completed Tour.
William A. Klabunde SGT Ball Gunner     Completed Tour.
Alfred E. Sternberg SGT Tail Gunner     Completed Tour.
Thomas J. Pearson   Gunner     Unknown
    The Old Yard Dog TF 42-98006 B17G

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