Thaler's Crew


The Thaler crew were shot down on the April 10th Mission to Briest, Germany. Greenfeld and Phillips were not part of the original crew. John Ekwall's was, but he was not with the crew on this day. (MACR: 13910)

Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
Melvin S. Thaler 1st LT Pilot   04/10/45 POW
Carl P. Oestreich F/O Copilot   04/10/45 POW
Donald R. Wheeler 1st LT Navigator   04/10/45 POW
John M. Ekwall   Bombardier      
Charles J. Grannis S/SGT RO/Gunner   04/10/45 POW
Neal F. Fielder T/SGT FE/Top   04/10/45 POW
Wallace J. Minard SGT Ball   04/10/45 POW
Lee Lanier, Jr. S/SGT Tail   04/10/45 POW
Robert E. Farrell SGT Waist   04/10/45 POW
Arthur D. Greenfeld SGT Nose   04/10/45 POW
George O. Phillips, Jr. SGT Gunner      
Mission Date Name ID S/N Type
174 03/28/45   TE 4x-xx009 B17G
175 03/30/45   TP 43-37970 B17G
176 03/31/45   TT 43-37820 B17G
180 04/07/45   TT 43-37820 B17G
181 04/08/45   TT 43-37820 B17G
183 04/10/45   TT 43-37820 B17G

Completed 6 Missions

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