Veal's Crew

Bottom Row - Officers Lt. Frederick Veal (P), Lt. Otis Ruble (CP), Lt. Don Johns (N) and Lt. Chester Brunson (B). Top Row: Sgt. Marion Hord (FEG), Sgt. James Webb (ROG), Sgt. Robert Poole (NG), Sgt. Leonard Kwiatkowski (BG), Sgt. Phillip Giallareta (WG) and Sgt. Robert Herman (TG) (submitted by Marjorie Kwiatkowski)

LT Veal and crew were flying #8142 the day they were shot down. Originally, #8142 was with the 835th and known as "Lil Butch." It was then transferred the the 832nd and became known as "Rodney the Rocks." This aircraft was shot down at Hamburg-Langenhorn, Germany. One of the aircraft's wings broke off, and began its dive. Shortly thereafter, the aircraft exploded. Seven of the crewmen are listed as KIA and 2 POW. LT Brunson did not fly with the crew on this day, and was not a member of the original crew. (MACR: 13550)

Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
Frederick Veal 2nd LT Pilot   3/30/45 KIA
Otis H. Ruble, Jr. 2nd LT Co-pilot   3/30/45 KIA
Don H. Johns 2nd LT Navigator   3/30/45 POW
Chester Brunson LT Bombardier      
Marion G. Hord SGT Eng/Top gun   3/30/45 KIA
James T. Webb SGT Radio/Waist   3/30/45 KIA
Robert O. Poole. SGT Nose Gunner   3/30/45 KIA
Philip R. Gialloreta SGT Waist   3/30/45 KIA
Leonard J. Kwiatkowski SGT Ball   3/30/45 KIA
Robert A. Herman SGT Tail   3/30/45 POW
162 03/10/45 The Blue Fairy TJ 43-37942 B17G
163 03/11/45 Old Yard Dog TF 42-98006 B17G
166 03/16/45 Mr. Completely TA 43-39902 B17G
167 03/17/45   TP 43-37970 B17G
168 03/18/45   TT 43-37820 B17G
171 03/22/45   TS 43-37928 B17G
172 03/23/45   TS 43-37928 B17G
173 03/24/45 Mission Maid TH 4x-xx894 B17G
175 03/30/45 Lil' Butch/Rodney the Rock NP 43-38142 B17G

Completed 9 Missions

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