Ovie White's Crew


Arrived at Sudbury as crew #219, on the 10th of November 1944. No record of combat is known to exist for this crew with this group.

Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
Ovie C. White   Pilot 04/Dec/44 07/Apr/45 30 missions.
William A. Oerther   Navigator 04/Dec/44 08/Apr/45 36 mission.  Finished tour.
Richard G. Lincoln   Bombardier 10/DEC/44 21/Apr/45 26 missions.
Joseph K. Heaps   FE/Top 04/Dec/44 07/Mar/45 27 missions.
Lawrence D. Ridley   RO 04/Dec/44 07/Mar/45 25 missions.
Russel R. Gabel   Gunner 04/Dec/44 07/Mar/45 26 missions.
Robert E. Mottran   Gunner     Unknown
Carl W. Schoonover   Gunner 04/Dec/44 07/Mar/45 27 missions.

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