Wolff's Crew

LT Wolff's Crew

Top row, L-R: Shanks, Nance, Newbold, O'Neall, Watkins, "Duke" Miller. Bottom, L-R: Foster, Zalinski, Wolff (as original pilot), Ray Ratcliff (transferred to another crew after pilot Hendricks came). Photo courtesy of Chad Williams, grandson of Paul.

After arriving at Station 174, LT Wolff asked to be relieved as a pilot. S/SGT Nance spoke to Wolff and asked he stay on as the crew's copilot. Ray Ratcliff transferred to W. Smith's crew.

Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
Robert L. Wolff, Jr. 2nd LT Pilot 05/08/44 05/20/44 KIA with Hendricks' crew
Ray M. Ratcliff 2nd LT Copilot 05/07/44 14/10/44 Xfer to W. Smith's crew
Wilbur N. Foster 2nd LT Bombardier 05/07/44 19/10/44 Xfer to Himel's crew
Paul N. Nance S/SGT FE/Waist 05/07/44 15/10/44 WIA/Major injury
Leonard K. Shanks SGT RO 05/08/44 14/06/44 WIA/Major injury
Thomas B. Newbold SGT Gunner 05/08/44 05/20/44 KIA
Dallas B. O'Neall S/SGT Nose 05/08/44 05/20/44 KIA
William B. Miller SGT Gunner 05/08/44 30/08/44  
Eugene C. Watkins SGT Gunner 05/08/44 15/10/44  

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