Alexander's Crew


CAPT Smith, 76th FG, one of the escort fighters, reported engines #1 and #2 out as #927 went over the target. Alexander started back with an escort of 6 ships as it headed for a FLAK area in Holland. The fighter escorts tried to contact Alexander over the radio and visually to warn him. Neither method seemed to work.

As it passed through the flak area, the remaining engines were shot out. The right wing fell off and #927 went down in flames, exploding when it hit the water. 3 chutes were observed to land in the water about 1/4 mile off shore. S/SGT Zolynski was not an original member of the crew. (MACR 11048)

Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
Bruce C. Alexander 2nd LT Pilot   12/06/44 2nd mission. KIA
Charles B. Bryson 2nd LT Co-pilot 12/06/44 12/06/44 1st mission. KIA
Roy J. Sykora Flight Off. Navigator   12/06/44 2nd mission. KIA
Walt C. Hummel (Husel?) 1st LT Bombardier   12/06/44 2nd mission. KIA
Robert C. Cooke CPL Radio Operator/Waist 12/06/44 12/06/44 1st mission. KIA
Roy L. Henry CPL Engineer/Top 12/06/44 12/06/44 1st mission. KIA
Isadore Wolstein CPL Ball Gunner 12/06/44 12/06/44 1st mission. KIA
Chester Zolynski S/SGT Tail Gunner   12/06/44 24th mission. KIA
Dwight K. Shurtleff CPL Waist Gunner 12/06/44 12/06/44 1st mission. KIA
Lee E. Champagne CPL Gunner      
Mission Date Name ID S/N Type
112 12/06/44 The Last Roundup TG 43-37927 B17G

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