Austin's Crew

LT Austin's Crew, 833rd.

Standing (L to R): Harry  N. Solley (TG), Richard Chapman (Arm/BG), Albert E. Baysinger (NG), G. G. "John" Beshore (FE/Top), Eulee "Lee" Byrd (WG), Malcom J. Barron (RO/Chaff/WG). Front (L to R): Richard B. Crout (B), Cyril M. Pinkava (N), Charles T. Smith (CP), George B. Austin (P). (submitted by George Austin).

Photographed in Subury England 1944.


As flight engineer of my crew, I remember all of my fellow crewmembers very well and their positions, rank, etc.

Sometimes those that had narrow escapes wished to forget all about it, and get on with their lives after returning to New Jersey (via boat); I was one.

After completing the A-1 form prior to take off (I never erased the names from my memory) I checked to make sure it was correct before handing it over to the ground crew chief. I'll never forget the look on his tired face after our hydraulic system was shot out over France, which I repaired over open bomb bay doors without a parachute on at approximately 17,000 ft. SGT Silva was truly a hero (the ground crew chief - our crew chief). Our ship was always ready to go in tip-top shape. They worked by those dim GI flashlights all during the dark hours many times.

We all stayed together as a team and finished that way. As flight engineer I do not recall ever hearing a swearing of words, we just looked at each other and understood. I said the 23 Psalm during and before each mission, which was taught to me at the age of 12.

I never saw my fellow crewmembers again after our last mission to big "B".

- G. G. "John" Beshore

Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
George B. Austin   Pilot 06/15/44   Completed tour.
Charles T. "CT" Smith   Copilot 06/15/44   Completed tour.
Cyril M. Pinkava   Navigator 06/15/44   Completed tour.
Richard B. Crout   Bombardier 06/15/44   Completed tour.
G. G. "John" Beshore   FE/Top 06/15/44   Completed tour.
Malcolm J. Barron   R/O/G/Chaff 06/15/44   Completed tour.
Albert E. Baysinger   Nose/Observer 06/15/44   Completed tour.
Richard Chapman   Ball 06/15/44   Completed tour.
Eule Byrd   AFE/G 06/15/44   Completed tour.
Harry N. Solley   Tail/Observer 06/15/44   Completed tour.
Joseph Silva SGT Crew Chief     Completed tour.
Mission Date Name ID S/N Type
023 06/15/44   PK 4x-xx561 B24H
024 06/16/44   PK 4x-xx561 B24H
025 06/17/44   PK 4x-xx561 B24H
026 06/20/44 Baby Shoe PR 4x-xx991 B24H
029 06/24/44 Lady from Hell PH 42-52681 B24H
031 06/25/44   PH 42-52681 B24H
035 06/30/44   PH 42-52681 B24H
036 07/01/44 Lucky Lady PD 4x-xx523 B24H
037 07/02/44 Lady from Hell PH 42-52681 B24H
038 07/04/44   PH 42-52681 B24H
041 07/08/44   NN 4x-xx483 B24H
042 07/09/44 Lady from Hell PH 42-52681 B24H
043 07/12/44   PH 42-52681 B24H
046 07/18/44 Lucky Lady PD 4x-xx523 B24H
050 08/01/44   PF 43-37875 B17G
055 08/06/44   PA 43-37820 B17G
059 08/11/44   PF 43-37975 B17G
060 08/13/44   PF 43-37875 B17G
062 08/15/44   PF 43-37875 B17G
066 08/25/44 Rack n Ruin NT 43-37899 B24H
067 08/26/44 The Chariot PP 43-38034 B17G
069 08/30/44 Honeychile PN 43-38029 B17G
070 09/01/44 Lady V PK 43-37856 B17G
071 09/03/44 The Last Roundup TG 43-37927 B17G
072 09/05/44 The Chariot PP 43-38034 B17G
073 09/09/44 Vermont Maid/Cupcake ND 43-38246 B17G
075 09/11/44   xx nnn B17G
079 09/19/44 Snow White NR 43-38136 B17G
080 09/21/44 Lady V PK 43-37856 B17G
081 09/25/44 Lady V DK 43-37856 B17G
082 09/26/44 The Last Roundup TG 43-37927 B17G
084 09/28/44   PR 42-97968 B17G
087 10/05/44 Ruthie Bee DD 44-6314 B17G
088 10/06/44   NN 43-38137 B17G
Completed 34 Missions

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