Deckelmayer's Crew

LT Deckelmayer and crew, flying "The Baby Shoe III" (#292), were hit by flak on September 9, 1944. LT Stroebe testified that he saw the aircraft leave formation with the #3 propeller feathered, and another engine running roughly. The aircraft was under control, and LT Stroebe conjectured the crew landed safely in France.

According to Jaap Geensen, a local historian, a heavy bomber was seen circling as if looking for a place to land, around noon local time near Kloosterzande, the Netherlands. When it pulled up, trailing heavy smoke, seven chutes were seen. Number 8, Lawrence B. Deckelmayer's chute, did not function properly and he was killed.

On September 9th, Antwerp at less than 10 miles away had been liberated on sept 3 1944. German forces were very much present in the "landing zone". The airmen from the "chutes" were quickly rounded up by local civilians and hidden for the Germans. The body of Deckelmayer was buried on the 12th in the presence of the protestant minister, the mayor, the secretary of the village and the local doctor, Hermans, also head of the local underground. It was a short but impressive funeral. This all happened under the eyes of the Germans, all illegal of course. To be in the possession of gear from alied airmen could be a reason for deportation.

8 Days later, on Sept 20th, the village was liberated by the 1st Polish Armoured Division.

Youngs and Anderson didn't fly on this mission.

Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
Lawrence B. Deckelmayer 2nd LT Pilot 15/08/44 09/09/44 KIA
Karl E. Yohn Flight Off. Co-pilot 15/08/44 09/09/44 RTD
Lloyd E. McMichael 2nd LT Navigator 15/08/44 09/09/44 RTD
John E. Swain 2nd LT Bombardier 15/08/44 09/09/44 RTD
William R. Allison S/SGT Engineer/Top 15/08/44 09/09/44 RTD
Ross E. Pase SGT Radio 15/08/44 09/09/44 RTD
Joseph M. Aycock S/SGT Waist 15/08/44 09/09/44 RTD
Walter V. Youngs   Waist 15/08/44 26/08/44 Unknown
Harold Horowitz S/SGT Ball 15/08/44 09/09/44 POW
Arthur A. Mowrer SGT Tail 15/08/44 09/09/44 RTD
Joseph E. Schneider   Ball / /44 / /44  
Mission Date Name ID S/N Type
061 (abort) 08/14/44 Easy Movement PL 43-38041 B17G
062 08/15/44   PB 43-37835 B17G
067 (?) 08/26/44       B17G
073 09/09/44 The Baby Shoe III PV 44-6292 B17G-50-DL
Completed x Missions

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