Fishel's Crew

Standing (L to R): James E. Wolck (togglier), Carlos Ascari (CP), Bernie Fishel (P), Gerald C. Smith (FE/Top), Arthur E. Polczynski (R/O/WG). Front (L to R): James M. Farley (G), John Albanese (N), Joseph T. Buie (G).

This is a photo of LT Fishel and his crew of Oct 6, '44 after their mission to Berlin. LT Fishel had been the copilot on the original Towne crew. When the Towne and Rex crews were merged, LT Fishel became first pilot and flew with crews composed of unassigned crewmen (a "bastard crew"). LT Albanese, also from the original Towne crew, flew 6 missions as LT Fishel's bombardier/navigator. LT Fishel finished his combat tour on his next mission.

James Wolck, Gerald Smith, and Joseph Buie flew with the Goettel crew until that crew was disbanded when LT Goettel was wounded. Arthur Polczynski was from LT Yochem's crew, and James Farley was part of CAPT Rex's original crew.

(submitted by John C. Albanese, 833rd)

Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
Bernard Fishel LT Pilot   10//44 Completed tour.
Carlos Ascari LT Copilot      
John C. Albanese LT Bombardier/Navigator     Completed tour
James E. Wolck   Togglier      
Gerald C. Smith   Flight Engineer/Top      
Arthur E. Polczynski   RO/Waist      
James M. Farley   Gunner      
Joseph T. Buie   Gunner      
Mission Info
Mission Date Name ID S/N Type
076 09/12/44 The Chariot PP 43-38034 B17G
079 09/19/44 Mr. Takoma DR 43-37944 B17G
080 09/21/44   NF 43-37952 B17G
084 09/28/44   PJ 43-37972 B17G
085 10/02/44 Old Man's Folly PJ 43-37891 B17G
086 10/03/44 Sleepy Time Gal PE 42-98007 B17G
087 10/05/44 Winged Virgin DM 43-38149 B17G
088 10/06/44   NE 42-97998 B17G

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