Goettel's Crew

Front row (L to R): Reed Hanks, James E. Wolck, Joe T. Buie, Frank Mandicino. Standing (L to R): John Leonard, Ed Goettel, James Nichols, Harry Horowitz. (Not photographed: Ivan Briggs, Gerald Smith). (submitted by Frank mandicino, Jr.)

The Goettel crew flew "Lady from Hell." On one mission the aircraft was badly shot up, but returned to Sudbury. LT Goettel was wounded and lost an eye. He was eventually transferred out of the 486th. The remainder of his crew were transferred elsewhere. SGT Hanks was transferred to the 98th BG, 415 SQD based in Italy (15th AF).

Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
Goettel, Edwin C. 2nd LT Pilot 05/09/44   WIA, transferred.
Briggs, Ivan L. 2nd LT Pilot      
Nichols, James 2nd LT Navigator      
Leonard, John J. 2nd LT Bombardier      
Smith, Gerald C. SGT Flight Engineer      
Mandicino, Frank, Jr SGT Radio Operator      
Buie, Joseph T. SGT Armor/Tail      
Hanks, Read T. SGT Top     Transferred.
Wolck, James E. SGT Nose      
Horowitz, Harold J. SGT Ball      
Silva, Joseph   Crew Chief      
Mission Date Name ID S/N Type
003 05/09/44 Lady from Hell PH 42-52681 B24H
004 05/11/44 Lady from hell PH 42-52681 B24H
006 05/23/44 Lady from Hell PH 42-52681 B24H
007 05/24/44 Lady from Hell PH 42-52681 B24H
012 05/30/44 Lady from Hell PH 42-52681 B24H
022 06/14/44 Libra DC 42-52508 B24H

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