Nelson's Crew

Top, left to right:  Madison A. Parker,Charles E. Plummer,Gerald D. Carlson, Evan D. Rosser, and William J. Cox. Bottom, left to right Forrest C. Clark, Rolfe H. Sheldon, Robert B. Nelson, and David W. Feldman. (A. G. Parker)

We arrived in later part of February of 1945. On my first mission I flew as a co-pilot with another crew.  The first two missions were to bomb the Bismark,  we never found the Bismark, the secondary target were the German oil fields, which we did bomb. On the mission I flew the American Beauty (04/10/45),  the bombadier missed the target and I came back with 57 holes in the plane, from flack. We returned to the US with "The Short Arm."

- Robert Nelson

Madison Parker's Diary

Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
Robert B. Nelson   Pilot     Completed tour.
Rolfe H. Sheldon   Co-pilot     Completed tour.
David W. Feldman   Navigator     Completed tour.
Charles E. Plummer   FE/Top     Completed tour.
Forrest C. Clark   AFE/Gunner     Completed tour.
Evan D. Rosser   Radio Operator/Waist     Completed tour.
Madison A. Parker   Asst. R/O/Gunner     Completed tour.
William J. Cox   Armorer/Gunner     Completed tour.
Gerald D. Carlson   Asst Armorer/Gunner     Completed tour.
Mission Date Name ID S/N Type
177 04/03/45       B17G
178 04/04/45 The Short Arm NA 44-6616 B17G
179 04/05/45 Miss B. Havin NN 43-38859 B17G
183 04/10/45 American Beauty DG 42-98008 B17G
184 04/11/45 The Short Arm NA 44-6616 B17G
185 04/14/45 The Short Arm NA 44-6616 B17G
187 04/16/45   PR 43-37800 B17G
188 04/17/45 The Short Arm NA 44-6616 B17G
Completed 8 Missions

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