White's Crew

LT Elbert White's Crew

Standing (L to R): LT Elbert White (P), LT Gaylord Wadsworth (CP), Claude Smith (G), Robert Sheridan (G). Front (L to R): Melvin Empoy (G), Evangolos Angelos (RO), CPL John Yarbrough (FE), SGT Gordon Wolfe. (Courtesy of Michael Ruiz, grandson of Gordon Wolfe).

Name Rank Position Status
Elbert F. White, Jr. LT Pilot
Gaylord B. Wadsworth LT Copilot
John F. Mitchell FO Navigator
John D. Yarbrough CPL FE/Top
Evangolos A. Angeles RO/Wait Name may be spelled Angelos.
Gordon J. Wolfe SGT NG
Melvin M. Empoy BG Name may be spelled Empey or Empy
Robert F. Sheridan WG
Claude S. Smith TG

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