Armaments Section

OIC: 1st LT Foster

The 833rd Armament section is photographed in El Paso, TX, on November 18, 1943. Center, front is LT Ford L. Sturdivant.  Left, front is T/SGT Donald L. Dodd.  Directly behind them (L to R) are S/SGT L. R. Paulson, CPL R. Helm, D. C. Grover, Malcom C. Ryan, F. H. ?, Dennis Golda, S. ?. and S/SGT Burns L. Kaupinger.  Next Row:  S. Paynter, C. I. ?, W. L. Waller, Theodore Q. Steiber, C. Talamo, E. Straut, W. Wolfe, H. Dilliard, A. Simmons, G. Thompson, C. Weyers, E. Scott, E. Kiley, R. Fitzgerald, J. G. Finnissey, G. Pifer, and L. Mavrick. (courtesy of Tim Pacheco, grandson of Dennis Golda)
Name Duty Name Duty
Foster, 1st LT Office in Charge Ford L. Sturdivant, LT  
Donald L. Dodd, T/SGT   Burns L. Kaupinger, S/SGT  
L. R. Paulson, S/SGT   R. Helm, CPL  
D. C. Grover   Malcom C. Ryan  
S. Paynter   Dennis Golda  
W. L. Waller   Theodore Q. Steiber  
C. Talamo   E. Straut  
W. Wolfe   H. Dillard  
A. Simmons   G. Thompson  
C. Weyers   E. Scott  
E. Kiley   R. Fitzgerald  
J. G. Finnissey   G. Pifer  
L. Mavrick      
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