Bartl's Crew

Front row (L-R): Peter Uruski, Navigator, Jacob Bartl, Pilot, Edwin Brown, Co-Pilot. Standing (L-R): Teddy Joe Ellis, Tail Gunner; Lewis Tolson, Waist Gunner; Everett Hendrix, FE top gunner; Richard Lavery, Nose Gunner; William T. Veazey, Radio Operator. (submitted by Frances (Bartl) Beerle)

Bartl and crew were shot down and destroyed on a mission to Dresden, Germany on April 17, 1945. Near Brux the #3 engine was hit by flak and the aircraft caught fire. It then rolled over on its back and began to go down smoking. A few seconds later the right wing came off and later at an altitude of about 10,000 feet the aircraft exploded. The eyewitnesses reported seeing no parachutes from the plane. The entire crew was killed in action. (MACR 14186)


Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
Jacob V. Bartl 2nd LT Pilot 03/28/45 04/17/45 KIA
Edwin  H. Brown F/O Copilot   04/17/45 KIA
Peter M. Uruski F/O Navigator   04/17/45 KIA
Everett  U. Hendrix, Jr. SGT FE/Top   04/17/45 KIA
William T. Veazey SGT Radio   04/17/45 KIA
Jose E. Aragon SGT Ball   04/17/45 KIA
Lewis Tolson, Jr. T/SGT Waist   04/17/45 KIA
Richard J. Lavery SGT Nose   04/17/45 KIA
Teddy Joe Ellis SGT Tail   04/17/45 KIA
Mission Date Name ID S/N Type
174 03/28/45 Homesick Angel DC 44-6312 B17G
175 03/30/45   DA 43-37996 B17G
184 04/11/45 Oh Miss Agnes NB 43-38001 B17G
185 04/14/45   TP 43-37970 B17G
186 04/15/45 The Old Yard Dog TF 42-98006 B17G
188 04/17/45 Pursuit of Happiness PL 43-37931 B17G
Completed 6 Missions

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