Chambers' Crew

LT Chambers' crew

The 486th's first "Crew of the Week." Front row (L to R): John J. Howker (N), Virgil Miller (CP), George Hinman (B). Standing (L to R): Leroy Ehlert (FE), Alfred Grabowski (TG), Charles Margason (WG), Claude Custer (BG), Adam Berasley (R/O). Dave Chambers (P) was hospitalized at the time this photo was taken. The crew earned their honor for actions performed on mission #87. LT Chambers was wounded in the leg by flak and was unable to continue flying the plane. LT Miller assumed command of the aircraft and was able to continue the mission. The aircraft was severely damaged and landed with a flat tire and an engine damaged. LT Miller would eventually become a 1st pilot. After completing ten missions, LT Howker transferred as pin pt. navigator to the McIntire crew. (reprinted from the O&W N/L Fall '89)

Chambers was forced to abort the mission of 11SEP44 when his ball turret gunner passed out from hypoxia after his mask failed in-flight. Bombs were jettisoned on the town of Suhl.

Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
David Chambers LT Pilot     WIA
Virgil Miller LT Copilot      
John J. Howker LT Navigator      
George Hinman LT Bombardier      
Leroy Ehlert SGT Flight Engineer/Top      
Adam Berasley SGT Radio Operator/Waist      
Charles Margason SGT Waist     other
Claude Custer SGT Ball      
Alfred Grabowski SGT Tail      
063 08/16/44 Coaltown Express DE 44-6311 B17G
068 08/27/44   DB 43-38010 B17G
071 09/03/44   TP 43-37992 B17G
077 09/13/44 Honeychile PN 43-38029 B17G
078 09/17/44 The Chariot DV 43-38034 B17G
080 09/21/44 The Chariot DV 43-38034 B17G
081 09/25/44 The Chariot DV 43-38034 B17G
082 09/26/44 The Chariot DV 43-38034 B17G
083 09/27/44 Lady V DK 43-37856 B17G
085 10/02/44 The Chariot DV 43-38034 B17G
086 10/03/44 The Chariot DV 43-38034 B17G
087 10/05/44 The Chariot DV 43-38034 B17G

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