Krenz' Crew

LT Krenz' crew

Standing (L to R): Lt. Carl M. Krenz (P), Lt. Edward J. Grenchus (CP), Lt. George R. Bowman, Jr. (N), unknown (B). Bottom Row (L to R): Cpl John F. Fellows, Cpl  Arnold R. P. Mitchell, Cpl Edwin T. Morrell, Cpl John E. Wolff, Cpl - Theodore E. O'Neill, Jr., Cpl Dominik R. Wesloski. (Submitted by Scott Morrell, son of Edwin T. Morrell).


The Krenz crew was shot down on a mission to bomb an Me-262 airfield at Parchim on April 7, 1945. The crew suffered 2 KIA and 8 POWed. According to witness reports, at 1456, at an altitude of 13,800', #528 was hit by FLAK. Engines #1 and #2 engines caught fire, which spread to the other engines and the aircraft lost altitude. The waist door was damaged, delaying the crew from bailing out immediately. Nine chutes were observed, S/SGT McMahon's parachute apparently failed to open and was killed. The cause of death for S/SGT O'Neill is unknown, but he may have fallen from his chute. CPL's Fellows and Mitchell were transferred and did not fly with this crew on this date. (MACR 14187)

S/SGT Morrell was assigned as to operate radar jamming equipment. S/SGT Morrell was responsible for identifying enemy radars and operating jamming equipment that would fill enemy radar returns with noise, making it difficult to track aircraft.

Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
Carl M. Krenz 2nd LT Pilot   04/07/45 POW
Edward J. Grenchus 2nd LT Copilot   04/07/45 POW
William C. J. Murphy F/O Navigator   04/07/45 POW
George R. Bowman, Jr. LT Navigator      
Roland R. Fricault S/SGT Flight Engineer/Top   04/07/45 POW
Theodore E. O'Neill, Jr. S/SGT Radio Operator   04/07/45 KIA
John F. Fellows CPL        
Arnold R. P. Mitchell CPL        
Edwin T. Morrell S/SGT Spot Jammer   04/07/45 POW
John E. Wolff S/SGT Waist   04/07/45 POW
Thomas G. McMahon S/SGT Waist   04/07/45 KIA
Robert J. Crews S/SGT Tail 03/07/45 04/07/45 POW. 14 Missions.
Dominik R. Wesloski SGT Ball   04/07/45 POW
Mission Date Name ID S/N Type
174 03/28/45 American Beauty DG 42-98008 B17G
175 03/30/45 Dream King/Flak Sak DP 44-6580 B17G
176 03/31/45   DH 43-37958 B17G
179 04/05/45   DH 43-37958 B17G
180 04/07/45 Flak Sak DL 44-8528 B17G

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