Livingston's Crew


The Livingston crew worked up with the 486th at Davis-Monthan and deployed with the group to Sudbury, taking the Southern route. Livingston and crew would fly only 16 missions with the 486th before being transferred to the 493rd at Debach. There they would fly an additional 18 missions in B24s and B17s as a lead crew.

On D-Day we made 3 Combat Missions within a 24 hour period that took more than 18 hours including Briefings. I guess we were flying them faster than the clerk typist could type them up. I think the Requirements for clerk Typist were MALE Wt. 250 lbs. Ht. 6'6" with 3 thumbs on each hand with a disposition of a Junk Yard Dog. Requirements for Truck and Staff Car Drivers were FEMALE wt.110 lbs. ht 5'6" Movie Star Looks and a Personality of an Angel. (Figures !!)

-Neal Ferguson


Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
Livingston, Clyde M. 1st LT Pilot 05/07/44    
Holland, Bernard C. 2nd LT Pilot 05/07/44    
Brand, Jack 2nd LT Navigator 05/07/44    
Beeson, William H. 2nd LT Bombardier 05/07/44    
Stephens, Raymond C. SGT Flight Engineer 05/07/44    
Ferguson, Herman N. "Neal" SGT Radio Operator 05/07/44    
Root, Robert H. S/SGT Tail 05/07/44    
Green, Joseph E. SGT Nose 05/07/44    
Renzi, Thomas J. SGT Gunner 05/07/44    
Dunst, Arthur J. S/SGT Ball 05/07/44    
Hatcher, Arthur B.   Crew Chief      
Mission Date Name ID S/N Type
001 05/07/44 Capricorn/Ding Dong Daddie from Dixie DL 42-52744 B24H
003 05/09/44   DF 42-52765 B24H
005 05/20/44 Funny Face PF 4x-xx762 B24H
006 05/23/44 Pandora's Box TN 42-52714 B24H
007 05/24/44 Cancer DB 42-52650 B24H
009 05/27/44 Pisces DG 41-29517 B24H
013 05/31/44 Pisces DG 41-29517 B24H
016 06/06/44 Pisces DN 41-29517 B24H
019 06/08/44 Pisces DG 41-29517 B24H
021 06/12/44 Sagittarias DH 41-29400 B24H
022 06/14/44   PA 42-52639 B24H
026 06/20/44   DF 4x-xx107 B24H
027 06/20/44   DR 4x-xx107 B24H
031 06/25/44 Cancer DB 42-52650 B24H
049 07/21/44   NB 42-95121 B24H

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