Lowther's Crew

LT Lowther's Crew

Front (L - R): Larry Bonn (ROG), Chester Haggard (FE/Top), Paul Gray (BG).  Back row (L - R): Walker "Sonny" Jones(WG), Bobby Lowther (P), Robert Maakestad (WG), Mack Page (AG), Aubrey Carpenter (CP).

Bobby Lowther's crew was assigned to the 834th Bomb Squadron, 486th Bomb Group in early March, 1945.  LT Lowther flew his first mission on April 17th as second pilot with LT Schraeder.  On April 19, 1945 the crew flew their first creditable combat mission.  The target was some factories just southeast of Dresden on a river bend near the Czechoslovakia border where they encountered the last of the German Air resistance.  Their second mission was aborted over the Channel because of mechanical problems.

Bobby Lowther left the service and became an All American in two sports (basketball and track) at LSU.

-Chester Haggard

Crew Info
Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
Robert C. Lowther   Pilot 17APR45 19APR45 1st was check ride with Schraeder
Aubrey L. Carpenter   Copilot 19APR45 19APR45  
Edwin R. Jones   Navigator 19APR45 19APR45  
Chester Haggard   FE/Top 19APR45 19APR45  
Lawrence A. Bonn   RO/Waist 19APR45 19APR45  
Mack S. Page   Gunner 19APR45 19APR45  
Paul C. Gray   Gunner 19APR45 19APR45  
Walker W. Jones, Jr.   Gunner 19APR45 19APR45  
Robert A. Maakestad   Gunner 19APR45 19APR45  
Mission Date Name ID S/N Type
189 19APR45 C for Charlie (?) DK 43-37945 B17G
190 (abort) 20APR45 Miss Irish DF 43-37998 B17G

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