Macgill's Crew

The crew of Virgo, front row (L to R): Bill Nestle (CP), Charlie Macgill (P), Monroe Meltzer (B), Ken Leonard (N). Back row (L to R): Paul Jacobson (WG), Jim baker (NG), Al Demitry (R/O), Bill Nelson (BG), Cliff Bodin (FE/Top), Vester Wilson (TG).

I came from the 9th Anti Sub Squadron and the rest of the crew came in together from Phase Training. When we departed Davis/Monthan Army Air Base, MSGT James Chadbourn was temporarily placed on the crew for the flight to England. Chadourn was Line Chief of the 834th, and it was customary to put an experienced mechanic aboard for the flight overseas, and to remain until arrival at Sudbury.

The crew had the honor of flying the first combat mission of the 486th Bomb Group and remained together as a crew until about the 20th mission when I had the great embarrassment of being hospitalized with, of all things, an infants' disease - impetigo, from a dirty oxygen mask! Try to imagine being bed ridden in a military hospital ward, full of battle casualties, and having a face painted with blue medication because of such a non-combat problem.

Doc Timerick worked hard to clear it up, but it persisted and the crew had to fly missions with other crews. By the time I was released, most of the crew had gone home and I flew the rest of my tour as an instructor Pilot with brand new crews. (My punishment!) My wonderful crew did not see each other again until some 35 years later when I helped get the Association started. It took several Group reunions, and many hours of searching Phone books, etc., to find everyone, but it was well worth the effort, and we enjoy each other regularly now.

Prior for departing for England, Rudolph Morino took ill and was replaced by James Baker. Another crew change occurred upon arrival in Sudbury. LT Macgill's bombardier, LT Meltzer and LT Leonard, were removed from the crew as, and weren't replaced. SGT Baker assumed responsibilities as Togglier.

- Charlie Macgill


Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
John Charles "Charlie" Macgill LT Pilot 05/07/44 11/02/44 Completed tour
Willard R. Nestle   Co-pilot 05/07/44 / /44  
Raymond K. Leonard   Navigator 05/07/44 / /44  
Clifford A. Bodin   FE/Top 05/07/44 / /44  
Alfred V. Demitry   Radio 05/07/44 / /44  
Paul J. Jacobson   Waist 05/07/44 / /44 WIA
Billy C. Nelson   Ball 05/07/44 / /44  
Vester B. Wilson   Tail Gunner 05/07/44 //44  
James Baker   Nose gunner 05/07/44    
Mission Date Name ID S/N Type
001 05/07/44 Virgo DK 42-52532 B24H-15-FO
002 05/08/44 Virgo DK 42-52532 B24H-15-FO
003 05/09/44   NH 716 B24H
005 05/20/44 Virgo DK 42-52532 B24H-15-FO
007 05/24/44 Virgo DK 42-52532 B24H-15-FO
013 05/31/44 Virgo DK 42-52532 B24H-15-FO
019 06/08/44 Virgo DK 42-52532 B24H-15-FO
022 06/14/44 Virgo DK 42-52532 B24H-15-FO
026 06/20/44 Virgo DK 42-52532 B24H-15-FO
029 06/24/44 Virgo DK 42-52532 B24H-15-FO
037 07/02/44 Virgo DK 42-52532 B24H-15-FO
039 07/05/44 Virgo DK 42-52532 B24H-15-FO
051 08/02/44 The Hock Shop DA 43-37996 B17G
054 08/05/44 The Hock Shop DA 43-37996 B17G
063 08/16/44   DK 4x-xx959 B17G
065 08/24/44 The Hock Shop DA 4x-xx996 B17G
Completed 30+ Missions

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