Schwarz's Crew


The status of this crew is unknown. They were assigned to the 486th on 01/27/45, but are not known to have flown combat with the 486th. However, F/O Schwarz was involved in a taxi accident on 20 May 45. The following is known:

On 20 May 45, F/O Schwarz, F/O Ezold, F/O Unger, SGT Kieser, SGT Resau, and SGT Dunkelburger were conducting a "round robin" night celestial navigation training exercise involving several aircraft. The aircraft began landing about 0230 hours. Some of the taxiing aircraft were cautioned to slow down, which included F/O Schwarz, flying aircraft 43-37945. Shortly after the warning, the control tower personnel called away the crash units to the 835th hardstands when a flame erupted in that area. A/C 942 had left the taxi track and its  left wing had hit aircraft #891 (Old Man's Folly). A/C 891 was on hardstand #9 and was facing the opposite direction. The contact caused 945 to spin around and hit the tail of 891 head on. Both aircraft were lost. (NARA via Roland Andrews).

Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
Robert I. Schwarz F/O Pilot
Wilfred J. Ezold F/O Copilot
Walter W. Unger F/O Navigator
William E. Rust Bombardier
Leroy Kieser, Jr. SGT FE/Top
Robert J. Resau SGT RO/Waist
Robert E. Dunkelberger SGT Armorer/Gunner
Paul C. Forrester Gunner
Merle I. Noyes Gunner

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