Bacher's Crew

LT Bacher's Crew

Front row (L to R): SSGT Paul "Shorty" Bolduc (BG), TSGT Charles "Blink" Blankenship (FE/Top), SSGT William Curtis (WG), SSGT Albin "Red" Markiewicz (TG), TSGT Alfred "Beam" Bain (RO/WG).  Standing (L to R): LT Walter "Dinwiddle" Dinwiddie (PPN), LT George "Pop" Edgar (B), LT Charles Monk (DRN), LT George "Bach" Bacher (P), LT Nathan "Sponge" Spungin (CP).  LT Dinwiddie joined the crew on October 22nd, and flew with the crew until January 21st.

LT's Bacher and Spungin were wounded on January 21, 1945 mission while over the target. Bacher received shrapnel wounds to the eyes, and Spungin received a severe leg wound. Individually, they were unable to continue flying the aircraft, but worked together to return to Sudbury. Both pilots kept their position in the squadron, until over friendly territory, when they sprinted for home. During the entire episode they refused pain medication, preferring to remain lucid to get the ship and crew back home. They managed to put the aircraft down at Sudbury.  The rest of the crew would finish their tour with other crews in March '45.


George Edgar's War Diary

Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
Gerson Bacher 1st LT Pilot 09/21/44 01/21/45 WIA, 01/21/45.  Flew only 22 missions.
Nathan Spungin 2nd LT Pilot 09/21/44 01/21/45 WIA, 01/21/45.  Flew only 21 missions.
Charles R. Monk LT Navigator 09/21/44 04/09/45 Flew with LT Genz beginning in March '45.
George L. Edgar LT Bombardier 09/21/44 04/09/45 Flew with LT Genz beginning in March '45.
Alfred L. Bain TSGT Radio 09/21/44 01/21/45 Status unknown.  May have been WIA.
Charles A. Blankinship TSGT FE/Top 09/21/44 03/29/45 Flew with various crews in March '45, completing only 29 missions.
James L. Autrey SSGT Gunner Removed from the crew, and did not fly with the 486th.
William F. Curtis SSGT Waist 09/26/44 04/10/45 Flew with LT Ellersick, and only completed 28 missions.
Paul E. V. J. Bolduc SSGT Ball 09/26/44 03/14/45 First mission may have been 09/17/44. Flew with LT Ellersick, completing only 28 missions.
Albin J. Markiewicz SSGT Tail 09/21/44 04/07/45 Flew with other crews, completing only 25 missions.
Carl Woodard MSGT Crew Chief      
080 09/21/44 various (check ride)     B17G
081 (abort) 09/25/44 Honeychile NB 43-38029 B17G
082 09/26/44 Honeychile NB 43-38029 B17G
084 09/28/44 Honeychile NB 43-38029 B17G
085 (abort) 10/02/44 Honeychile NB 43-38029 B17G
086 10/03/44 Honeychile NB 43-38029 B17G
103 11/06/44 Miss Irish DF 43-37998 B17G
106 11/16/44 Old Man's Folly NJ 43-37891 B17G
108 11/25/44 Lil Butch NP 43-38142 B17G
109 11/27/44   NS 43-37800 B17G
112 12/06/44   NS 43-37800 B17G
115 12/12/44   NS 43-37800 B17G
116 12/16/44   NS 43-37800 B17G
118 12/24/44 Old Man's Folly NJ 43-37891 B17G
121 12/29/44 The Short Arm NA 44-6616 B17G
124 01/01/45 Mary Lou NG 44-8615 B17G
126 01/03/45 Mary Lou NG 44-8615 B17G
128 01/07/45 The Short Arm NA 44-6616 B17G
129 01/08/45   NS 43-37800 B17G
131 01/13/45 The Short Arm NA 44-6616 B17G
132 01/14/45   PH 43-38163 B17G
136 01/21/45 Mary Lou NG 44-8615 B17G

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