Dunne's Crew


The Dunne crew arrived in theater in April 1945 and flew only one mission before the end of hostilities.

Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
Frank D. Dunne FO Pilot 20APR45 20APR45  
Richard Bilich FO Copilot 20APR45 20APR45  
David H. Smith, Jr. FO Navigator 20APR45 20APR45  
Thomas S. Honsa FO Bombardier 20APR45 20APR45  
Nicholas Matlaga CPL FE/Top 20APR45 20APR45  
John A. Lynam CPL RO/Waist 20APR45 20APR45  
John J. Davison, Jr. CPL Togglier 20APR45 20APR45  
Frank M. Bosworth CPL Ball 20APR45 20APR45  
Edmund F. Caufield CPL Tail 20APR45 20APR45  
Mission Date Name ID S/N Type
190 04/20/45 The Short Arm PA 44-8616 B17G

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