Eachen's Crew


#949 was involved in a mid-air collision with #875. The latter aircraft ran into the prop wash of the element lead and lost control, colliding with #949 and severing its tail. LT Eakin, 832nd, reported the aircraft going into a flat spin, and bursting into flames as it hit the ground. One parachute may have been observed during the descent.

SGT Jent was tail gunner on this mission and road the tail section down, and survived the impact. He reported having no knowledge of the fate of the rest of his crew. (MACR 8460)

Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
Arthur A. Eachen 2nd LT Pilot   09/05/44 MIA
Edgar E. Berry, Jr 2nd LT Copilot   09/05/44 MIA
Victor H. Durley 2nd LT Navigator   09/05/44 MIA
Robert H. Petry 2nd LT Bombardier   09/05/44 MIA
Francis C. Pitman S/SGT FE/Top   09/05/44 MIA
Clayton C. Reiter S/SGT Radio Operator/Waist   09/05/44 MIA
James E. Jent SGT Tail   09/05/44 POW
Edward M. Long SGT Waist   09/05/44 MIA
Harold W. Light SGT Ball   09/05/44 MIA
Mission Info
Mission Date Name ID S/N Type
060 08/13/44   NG 43-37966 B17G
069 08/30/44   NT 43-37899 B17G
070 09/01/44   DJ 43-37963 B17G
071 09/03/44 Nobody Getzit NB 43-37949 B17G
072 09/05/44 Nobody Getzit NB 43-37949 B17G

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