835th Engineering Section

Officer in Charge
CAPT Jack H. Packer

Line Chief
M/SGT Young H. Marr

Flight Chief
M/SGT Gordon W. Rodgers

Flight Chief
M/SGT Wayne T. Poole

Flight Chief
M/SGT Reynolds

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"B" Flight

Front Row (L to R): John L. Phifer, Beryl L. Moore, Frank L. Cortz, William C. Collins, Gordon W. Rogers (flight chief), edward P. Slattery, Charles W. Andrews, Harry W. Bartlett, Benjamin O. Wyble.  Standing (L to R): James W. Little, Edward A. Decuir, Oren Y. Sumpter, Quentin Gilham, ?. Behrens, ?. Polsack, George W. Dahl, Thomas J. Heal, Walter ?.

Standing (L to R): Kramer, Harvey G. "Duke" Dierking, Maxwell C. Hortman, Jack "Mack" McKenzie, Edwin C. Foss, Unknown, Ralph J. "Sack" Riley, "Monty" Spokens, Mjota. Front (L to R): William R. "Hutch" Hutchins, Edward F. Goodson, Milo R. "Buzz" Bowman, Claude W. "Fink" Finkler (Finckler), Wayne J. (?) Poole, J.W. Gibson, H.D. Gibson, Risner (not pictured), "Hecky" Hurbomb, Walter E. Pinski, Karmer

Crew Chief Mechanic Mechanic
Jim Little

The ground crews met their planes after every mission, to survey the damage, plan and execute the repairs. Holes and structural damage needed to be repaired, engineering deficiencies rectified, and engines maintained. During the winter months this was done in the dark, and the cold. During the Summer it was the heat and humidity. While there was no threat from FLAK or enemy fighters, spinning propellers, heavy bombs and equipment were just as troublesome.

On my crew I always got up when the flight crews did, and went directly to the plane in order to be there when the flight crew arrived after briefing and breakfast. I would preflight the plane and usually run the engines. Then, after the plane had been airborne for a long enough time for me to be reasonably sure it was not going to abort, I would go back to the barracks to get the rest of my nights sleep and be back on the line before the planes were due back. The start the cycle all over again.

- Jim Little, crew chief, "Red Raider"

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