Jarvis' Crew


The Roanoke Magician had a rough life. Flown originally by Henry St. Clair (835th), she was damaged repeatedly but always returned to duty. St. Clair and crew completed their tour and the Magician was given to LT Jarvis and crew.

The luck ran out when, on their 2nd mission with their new plane, the Magician was hit and damaged by flak over Mannheim. Jarvis attempted to get the plain over friendly territory. As he lost altitude he performed violent evasive manuevers to avoid flak. By the time they made the friendly lines they were too low to bail out, and Jarvis decided to put the Magician down on her belly. The aircraft spun around and collided with trees. Both the pilot and copilot were thrown clear of the wreckage, Jarvis was killed instantly. The remainder of the crew remained in the waist area with fire in the bomb bay. The crewman exited the aircraft with various wounds and burns, but all were safe.

Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
Robert F. Jarvis F/O Pilot   01/21/45 KIA
Willis V. King 2nd LT Copilot     WIA
David D. Hill 2nd LT Navigator      
Gerald J. Christ CPL        
Leo V. Davis CPL        
Charles R. Forrest CPL        
William O. Roselle          
John W. Schimdt         WIA
Clayton M. Walker         WIA
Mission Date Name ID S/N Type
129 01/08/45 The Fertile Turtle PG 43-37943 B17G
136 01/21/45 Roanoke Magician NE 42-97998 B17G

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