Mundorff's Crew

This photo was taken at Davis-Monthan AAB, Tucson, AZ. Front row (L to R): William J. Hanrahan (G), William E. Speed (AG),  Hubert G. Carson (FE), Vernon M. Caron (R/O). Standing (L to R): John "Lee" Mundorff (P), Leon "Doc" Friend (CP), Grant W. Beard (N), John B. Schultz (B). Photo by the tail gunner, Ken Newsome.

In the 835th, my plane was "Rodney Th' Rock," a B24. Rodney was a comic strip character, in my hometown of St. Petersburg, FL, and was a very strong, very young, precocious kid. "Doc" Friend took over the A/C and crew when I went to Group Operations in June '44. I think they changed the name to "Lil' Butch."

-Lee Mundorff


Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
Mundorff, John L. "Lee" MAJ Pilot 05/08/44    
Friend, Leon E. LT Pilot      
Beard, Grant W. LT Navigator      
Schultz, John B. LT Bombardier      
Glass, Henry F. SGT Flight Engineer      
Caron, Vernon M. SGT Radio Operator      
Hanrahan, William J. SGT Gunner      
Speed, William E. SGT Armorer/Gunner      
Carson, Hubert C. SGT Top Gunner      
Newsome, Ken SGT Tail Gunner      
Rogers, Gordon W.   Crew Chief      
Mission Date Name ID S/N Type
002 05/08/44 Rodney th' Rock NA 41-29401 B24H
005 05/20/44   NA 41-29401 B24H
008 05/25/44 Bad Boy NC 41-29472 B24H
009 05/27/44 Pandora's Box TN 42-52714 B24H
011 05/29/44   NB 42-95121 B24H
017 06/06/44 Rodney th' Rock NA 41-29401 B24H
020 06/11/44   NC 41-29472 B24H
075 09/11/44   TS 43-38140 B17G

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