Oltmann's crew


On the mission to Merseberg, Germany, LT Oltmann and crew were flying lead of the "B" group. While on the bombing run the aircraft they flew, #110, took a hit from FLAK 15 seconds before bombs away, which resulted in the ship breaking in two near the waist windows. The tail section fell, striking the #3 engine of LT St Clair's aircraft. The bombardier, LT Whittington was blown from the aircraft, fortunately with his chute on. He alit atop a building in Merseberg with an unfriendly crowd forming below. LT Whittington was interred for the remainder of the war. The tail gunner road the tail down, but was able to get free and parachute to safety. The fate of the rest of the crew is uncertain. (MACR 9420)

Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
Fred Oltmann 2nd LT Pilot   08/28/44 KIA
William P. Mitchell 1st LT Air Leader   08/28/44 MIA
Charles M. Bateman 2nd LT Copilot (OTG)   08/28/44 MIA
Russell G. Curtis 2nd LT Navigator   08/28/44 KIA
Robert B. Mistrot, Jr. 1st LT Pin Pt. Navigator   08/28/44 MIA
E. Z. Liles LT Bombardier      
Frank Whittington 1st LT Bombardier   08/28/44 POW
Charles Bogenshutz T/SGT FE/Top   08/28/44 KIA
Harry S. Springer S/SGT Radio Operator   08/28/44 KIA
William G. Stanberry, Jr. S/SGT Ball   08/28/44 MIA
A. P. Schmitt SGT Ball      
Robert W. Gardiner SGT Waist   08/28/44 MIA
C. A. Stober SGT Tail   08/28/44 MIA
Mission Date Name ID S/N Type
053 08/04/44   ND 42-97877 B17G
060 08/13/44 Lil' Butch/Rodney the Rocks NP 43-38142 B17G
061 08/14/44   NN 43-38137 B17G
062 08/15/44   NN 43-38137 B17G
068 08/27/44 Vermont Maid (Cupcake) ND 43-38246 B17G
070 09/01/44 Marge NL 43-38110 B17G
072 09/05/44 Marge NL 43-38110 B17G
079 09/19/44 Marge NL 43-38110 B17G
081 09/25/44 Marge NL 43-38110 B17G
084 09/28/44 Marge NL 43-38110 B71G

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