Steele's Crew


Steele's crew flew their combat missions with another group, and were transferred to the 486th late in April, or May, 1945.  They did not see further combat with the 486th, but did participate in relief missions to continential Europe.

Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
Billy D. Steele LT Pilot      
Edwin Elliot LT Copilot      
Jim Ross LT Navigator      
Ray T. Wilson LT Bombardier      
Howard N. Hines CPL FE/Top      
Franklin B. Reames CPL Radio/Waist      
Don E. Helmick CPL Gunner      
James Bloomfield CPL Ball      
Howard Dempsey   Waist      

Mission Info

Mission Date Name ID S/N Type
  13MAY44 Easy Movement   43-380741 B17G

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