Yocke's Crew


1Yocke flew his check ride with LT Friend and crew. The crew was tranferred to the 493rd BG(H).

Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
Floyd A. Yocke LT Pilot 06/29/44    
Walter A. Rouskis   Copilot      
Eugene F. Schmidt   Navigator      
Crover L. Adams, Jr.   Gunner      
Calvin B. Herrick          

Mission Info

Mission Date Name ID S/N Type
038 07/04/44   NG 42-52573 B24H
039 07/05/44 Hard-T-Get NO 42-52753 B24H
042 07/09/44 Swing Time in the Rockies NJ 42-52607 B24H
043 07/12/44   NK 4x-xx238 B24H

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