LT Haemmerle's crew, 833rd.

Standing (L to R): SGT Harper (waist), Raymond E. Breclaw (ball), John L. Brozenske (tail), Horace E. Russel (FE/top), Robert J. Simonetti (R/O), James W. Reynolds (waist). Kneeling (L to R): H. F. Ealer (B), Daniel M. Morris (N), Thomas E. Kelly (CP), Martin B. Haemmerle (P). (submitted by John L. Brozenske)

SGT Harper left the crew when they arrived in Sudbury, reducing the crew to 9. This was the typical size of Fort crews at this time. LT Haemmerle was on his check-out flight with the Coy crew when they were shot down. LT Harris took his place until finishing his tour. The remainder of the crew would then complete their tours flying with various crews.

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