This list of POW's is based on the best available information to date. Many listed as MIA have been redesignated as KIA. Corrections and updates are requested. All POWs are eligible for the POW medal.


Name Rank Unit Date Status
Charles R. Smith S/SGT 832nd 05/28/1944 POW
George Munro S/SGT 832nd 05/28/1944 POW
James Bogert CAPT 832nd 05/28/1944 POW
William Kozulak SGT 832nd 05/28/1944 POW
John R. Lawrence SGT 832nd 05/28/1944 POW
Louis Lujan S/SGT 832nd 05/28/1944 POW
Fred A. Morley 2nd LT 832nd 05/28/1944 POW
Robert C. Swaffield SGT 832nd 05/28/1944 POW
Clifford A. Clark 835th 07/01/1944 POW
John Gazda 835th 07/01/1944 POW
Thompson E. Anderson 835th 07/01/1944 POW
Donald J. Jones SSGT 835th 08/04/1944 POW
Forse Baisden TSGT 835th 08/04/1944 POW
Joe Davis SSGT 835th 08/04/1944 POW
Joe J. Richter 2nd LT 835th 08/04/1944 POW
John R. Williams 2nd LT 835th 08/04/1944 POW
Michael Pesta SGT 835th 08/04/1944 POW
Nathan Adler 1st LT 835th 08/04/1944 POW
Samuel M. Y. Lum 2nd LT 835th 08/04/1944 POW
William Stefanik SSGT 835th 08/04/1944 POW
Quentin Ingerson 2nd LT 832nd 08/04/1944 POW
Kazmer Bachak SGT 832nd 08/04/1944 POW
Leland J. Harper 2nd LT 832nd 08/04/1944 POW
Harry J. Scully 2nd LT 832nd 08/04/1944 POW
Frank Whittington LT 835th 08/28/1944 POW
Harold Horowitz S/SGT 833rd 09/09/1944 POW
Adam T. Klosowski S/SGT 833rd 10/05/1944 POW
Alvin T. Birkelbach S/SGT 833rd 10/05/1944 POW
Burton Colan 2nd LT 833rd 10/05/1944 POW
Dean F. Coy 2nd LT 833rd 10/05/1944 POW
Howard L Grant S/SGT 833rd 10/05/1944 POW
Howard R. Brown S/SGT 833rd 10/05/1944 POW
Martin A. Haemmerle 2nd LT 833rd 10/05/1944 POW
Merrill R. MacDonald S/SGT 833rd 10/05/1944 POW
Robert J. Coyle 2nd LT 833rd 10/05/1944 POW
Norman R. Dahlstrom 2nd LT 835th 10/15/1944 POW
Owen Crawford S/SGT 835th 10/15/1944 POW
Albert I. Pierce 2nd LT 832nd 11/02/1944 POW
Corbin B. Willis Jr. 2nd LT 832nd 11/02/1944 POW
Howard G. Butler Jr. TSGT 832nd 11/02/1944 POW
Kenneth R. Mullen SSGT 832nd 11/02/1944 POW
Lester R. H. Keson F/O 833rd 11/21/44 POW
Harry R. Lovely F/O 833rd 11/21/44 POW
Thomas J. Mahon F/O 833rd 11/21/44 POW
John E. Haerle SGT 833rd 11/21/44 POW
Cecil E. Rasco SGT 833rd 11/21/44 POW
Donald R. Miller SGT 833rd 11/21/44 POW
Thomas J. Seckel SGT 833rd 11/21/44 POW
Daniel P. Alpha PVT 833rd 11/21/44 POW
J. R. Brock SGT 832nd 11/30/1944 POW
R. R. Cole SGT 832nd 11/30/1944 POW
Richard L. Looge SGT 832nd 11/30/1944 POW
W. E. Wright SGT 832nd 11/30/1944 POW
Edmund T. Barcikowski 2nd LT 834th 12/06/1944 POW
James H. Mathis SGT 834th 12/06/1944 POW
Robert C. Miller 2nd LT 834th 12/06/1944 POW
William F. Effinger SGT 834th 12/06/1944 POW
Bruce Gipson SGT 833rd 02/22/1945 POW
Charles Loomer SGT 833rd 02/22/1945 POW
Charles Mercer LT 833rd 02/22/1945 POW
Gerald Dubs SGT 833rd 02/22/1945 POW
James Rodgers LT 833rd 02/22/1945 POW
Merle Medley LT 833rd 02/22/1945 POW
William H. Ringler LT 833rd 02/22/1945 POW
William Krampe SGT 833rd 02/22/1945 POW
Clarence M. Baugh S/SGT 835th 02/24/1945 POW
Curtis L. Jessen S/SGT 835th 02/24/1945 POW
Demetrice G. Mauridee F/O 835th 02/24/1945 POW
Donald J. Demerath 2nd LT 835th 02/24/1945 POW
Donald W. Brown S/SGT 835th 02/24/1945 POW
George Rubin S/SGT 835th 02/24/1945 POW
James B. Manford S/SGT 835th 02/24/1945 POW
Keith G. Splude S/SGT 835th 02/24/1945 POW
William C. Wiley 1st LT 835th 02/24/1945 POW
Don H. Johns 2nd LT 832nd 03/30/1945 POW
Robert A. Herman SGT 832nd 03/30/1945 POW
Bain Fulton MAJ 835th 04/07/1945 POW
Carl M. Krenz 2nd LT 834th 04/07/1945 POW
Dominik R. Wesloski SGT 834th 04/07/1945 POW
Edward J. Grenchins 2nd LT 834th 04/07/1945 POW
Edwin T. Morrell S/SGT 834th 04/07/1945 POW
John E. Wolff S/SGT 834th 04/07/1945 POW
Robert J. Crews S/SGT 834th 04/07/1945 POW
Roland R. Fricault S/SGT 834th 04/07/1945 POW
William C. J. Murphy F/O 834th 04/07/1945 POW
Dale R. Thompson 2nd LT 834th 04/08/1945 POW
David E. Willey SGT 834th 04/08/1945 POW
George Coronis SSGT 834th 04/08/1945 POW
Robert E. Brown SGT 835th 04/08/1945 MIA
Charles J. Strong SGT 832nd 04/08/1945 POW
Harry T Parmley SGT 832nd 04/08/1945 POW
Horace W. Houd SGT 832nd 04/08/1945 POW
Jack W. Marlar SGT 832nd 04/08/1945 POW
Richard Witt 2nd LT 832nd 04/08/1945 POW
Walter Doerschlag F/O 832nd 04/08/1945 POW
William Boscoe SSGT 832nd 04/08/1945 POW
William W. Martin TSGT 832nd 04/08/1945 POW
David W. Nicolette SGT 832nd 04/10/1945 POW
Kenneth P. Dolan 1st LT 832nd 04/10/1945 POW
Larry T. Maxim SGT 832nd 04/10/1945 POW
Oscar A. De Man SGT 832nd 04/10/1945 POW
Ralph R. Covert SGT 832nd 04/10/1945 POW
Melvin S. Thaler 1st LT 832nd 04/10/1945 POW
Carl P. Oestreich F/O 832nd 04/10/1945 POW
Donald R. Wheeler 1st LT 832nd 04/10/1945 POW
Charles J. Grannis S/SGT 832nd 04/10/1945 POW
Neal F. Fielder T/SGT 832nd 04/10/1945 POW
Wallace J. Minard SGT 832nd 04/10/1945 POW
Lee Lanier, Jr. S/SGT 832nd 04/10/1945 POW
Robert E. Farrell SGT 832nd 04/10/1945 POW
Arthur D. Greenfeld SGT 832nd 04/10/1945 POW
Bernard L. Poole SGT 835th 04/17/1945 POW
Carl F. Runge 2nd LT 835th 04/17/1945 POW
Edgar R. Coghill SGT 835th 04/17/1945 POW
Junior C. Baines SGT 835th 04/17/1945 POW
Merle Da Vison SGT 835th 04/17/1945 POW
Milton H. Garmack SGT 835th 04/17/1945 POW
Richard D. Albright 2nd LT 835th 04/17/1945 POW
Robert A. Miller 2nd LT 835th 04/17/1945 POW
Styles L. Westbrook Jr. SGT 835th 04/17/1945 POW

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