AN EIGHTH AAF BOMBER STATION, England-"I was standing just above where the hole is now when the 88 mm. shell hit. It was pretty rough today, and I guess I'm a little lucky." These were the words of 21 year old Staff Sergeant Jack M. Truxell, as he examines the flak damaged B-24 Liberator, in which he had just returned from recent bombing mission on a NAZI target in the Paris area. Sgt. Truxell, son of Mr. And Mrs. A. K. Truxell, of 407 N. Water Street, Kent, Ohio, is a ball gunner and, on his numerous missions with the Eighth AAF, has had many chances to observe and enemy flak. He is a graduate of Kent High School, and was a student at Kent University, prior to his entry into the AAF in January, 1943. The holder of the Air Medal with two Oak Leaf Clusters, he is a member of the division which has been honored by Presidential citation. Two brothers also serve the AAF, Sergeant Richard Truxell is also on gunner in this theater, and Private William Truxell attends airplane Mechanic School in Amarillo, Texas.
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