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Jason West, son of James West, 834th.

Phil Frawley, son of Roy Frawley, 833rd.

Carl McGehee

Diana Lieffring, daughter of Martin Mosio, 834th.

Dwain McDonald, 835th

Tony Schultz, nephew of Ray Schulz, 834

Rebeca Nolan, grand daughter of Floyd Baker, 834th.

Juan Ramos, nephew of Antonio Suarez, 832nd.

Jaunita Gibson & Joe Kline, Sloan Gibson, 833rd.

Ron Kaullen, nephew of Edward J. Kaullen, 834th.

Dale Wallenbrock, 835th.

Karen Falandays, daughter, Arthur L. Dembowski (Dunn), 832nd.

Mary Richards-Kallman, daughter of Frederick Richards, 832nd.

John Donlon, son of Cornelius Donlon, 486th.

Nelson Moon, son of Glenn Moon, 832nd.

Dennis McCadden, son of Robert McCadden, 832nd.

Susan Major, daughter of George Edgar, 835th.

Emily Warren, granddaughter of Earl Warren, 832nd.

Barry New, son of Paul New, 834th.

Brad Moore, son of Robert Moore, 834th.

Neil Getty, grandson of James Hickey, 835th.

Delia Larkins, daughter of John Pedersen, 834th.

Kim Burney, granddaughter of Richard Hanft, 833rd.

John and Cheryl Fox. Cheryl is the grandaughter of Theodore Hess, 834th.

Chad Chapman, grandson of Paul Nance, 832nd.

Robin Douglas, daughter of Richard Douglas, 832nd.

David Birdwell, son of James Birdwell, 835th.

Pat Hecksher, daughter of Homer Unger, 832nd.

Chester Haggard, 834th

Marguerite DellaSala, daughter of Ralph DellaSala, 833rd.

David Plummer, friend of Les Hull, 832nd.

Michael Batchelor, grandson of Roy Batchelor, 835th.

Michael Ruiz, grandson of Gordon Wolfe, 833rd.

Fred Hoek, the Netherlands.

Thomas Bain, grandson of Charles Miller, 834th.

Richard Healer, son of John (Uzdrowski) Healer, 832nd.

Pat Mitchell, daughter of James Osenga, 834th.

Bert Milling, 833rd.

Susan Stanley Caver, niece of Robert Stanley.

Frederic Henoff, France.

Rich Bollinger, son of George Bollinger, 834th.

Michele McNamara Smith, daughter of George McNamara, 833rd.

Laura Forletti Bacon, daughter of Amo Forletti, 835th.

Andy Kerchoff, grandson of Homer Bernier, 832nd.

Kelly Ramshur, grandson of Jim Walker, 835th.

George Nason (832nd) Family.

Guido Bucellini, 832nd.

Bill Hisiro, 803rd.

Fank Wirsing, son of Calvin Wirsing, 803rd.

Bill Hare, 833rd.

Paul Webber, nephew of Roy M. Webber, 838th Squadron, 487th Bomb Group.

Andrea Klinger, granddaughter of Jack Klinger, 832nd.

Brian Kostel

Glenn Carson, son of Hubert Carson, 835th.

Keith Krasemann, son of H. Krasemann, 832nd.

John Graham, son-in-law of Boyd Clements, 833rd.

Paul E. L. McCabe, III, son of Earl McCabe, 834th.

Nancy Myers, daughter of C. Robert Myers, 834th.

Charlie Macgill, 834th.

Tony Dowland, UK.

Lora Minor, wife of Orville Minor, 834th.

Peter Ulrich, France.

Fred Weber, son-in-law of Patricia Fields, daughter of Ed Scheopner.

Patricia Fields, daughter of Ed Scheopner.

Roy Prevost & the Morlini family.

David Warren

Peter Randall, UK

Peter Kassak

Brendan Wood, UK

Neual Hobbs, 832nd.

Robert Holan, 832nd.

Derek Lumley, Sudbury.

Jim Phillips, son of W. Curtis Phillips, 803rd.

Janis Kile Roux, daughter of Lavelle Kile, 832nd.

Tom Mogren, 834th.

Norbert Giese, Germany.

James Guld, son-in-law of Bennie Pearl, 835th.

William Lewis, 835th.

Ron Karrer, son of Nelson Karrer, 833rd.

Sandy Gilpin, daughter of Nelson Karrer, 833rd.

Sidney Penman, 833rd.

Rose Russell, wife of Andy Russell, 832nd.

Jim and Jean Himel, 832nd.

David Traub, 835th.

Jim Fattori

John Farris, son of James Farris, 832nd.

Helmut Scheder, Germany.

John Connolly.

Kazmer Rachak, 832nd.

Rainer Neumeyer, Germany.

Jean-Claude Baus, Belgium

Rick Vaden, son of Richard Vaden, 833rd.

Timothy Mulverhill, grandson of Charles Demarais, 832nd.

Peter Ruplenas, 835th

Mary Lou Thomas, 835th

Peter Vander Haeghen, son of Albert, 835th

Robert Rowland, UK

Bill York, son of William York, 833rd.

Cecil Dykes, 832nd.

Seth Griffin, 833rd.

Robin Jump, daughter of Dick Jump.

Mary Lou Thomas, daughter of Carl Woodard, 835th

James Little, 835th.

Norma Myers Newson, sister of Bill Myers, 832nd.

Bill Donaldson, son of Russell Donaldson, 834th.

Luis Rivera

Elaine Elsenbaumer, daughter of Rowland Elsenbaumer, 832nd.

Brian Wiedel, son of Vernon Wiedel

Robert Nolan, Jr., son of Robert Nolan, Sr., 835th

Russell S. Knapp, 833rd.

Albert Knapp, son of Russell.

Jayne Reynolds, daughter of James Reynolds, 833rd.

Jeffrey Stanchek, son of Louis Stanchek, 834th.

James Cooper, son of Howard Cooper, 834th.

James Beach, UK.

Don Conyers, 835th.

Florence King, wife of Elwood King, 832nd.

Anthony King, son of Elwood King, 832nd.

Michael King, son of Elwood King, 832nd.

Nelson Smith, nephew of Elwood King, 832nd.

Cindi Streicher

Dana Hrabovsky, daughter of Albert Boyle, Jr., 835th.

Nelson Smith, nephew of Elwood King, 832nd.

James Westbrook, Jr., son of James Westbrook, Sr., 834th.

Lyman R. Huffman, Jr., 832nd.

Matthew Bukovac, via Edward Dwindling, 76th Station Complement.

George Austin, 833rd.

Jack Braun, son of John Braun, 833rd.

Richard Lovely, son of Harry Lovely, 833rd.

Rick White

Alfeo Brusetti, 832nd.

James Little, 835th.

Eric Phillips, grandson of Herman Taylor, 832nd.

Donald Thompson, 834th.

Daniel Eakin, nephew of Dean Eakin, 833rd.

Charlie O. Steinmetz, 832nd.

Mary Lou Thomas, daughter of Carl Woodward, 835th

George Thomas, 835th.

Mary Nason Paavola, daughter of George Nason, 832nd.

Jack Braun, son of John Braun, 834th.

John Plawischak, 832nd

Rick Fenlon, son of Pat Fenlon, 835th.

Stephen Sirna, son of Anthony Sirna, 835th.

Frances (Bartl) Beerle, window of Jacob Bartl, 834th.

Radovan Helt, Czech Republic.

Ted Karner, 835th.

Ken Moss, 834th.

Bain Fulton, III, grandson of Bain Fulton, 486th.

Peter Ruplenas, 834th

Doc Timreck, 834th

Bob Arnold, 834th

Al Herold, 486th

Tom Brittan, UK

Gordon Permann

A. G. Parker

Tony Guercia, 834th

Bertrand Hugot, France

Chris Lane, grandson of John Rivers, 833rd

Robert Buettner, 835th.

Radovan Helt, Czech Republic.

Joe Cirelli, 835th.

Brian Lindner

David Bedard, son of Lou Bedard, 835th.

Robert Chilton, 835th.

Carlo Ascari, 832nd.

Bill Roberts, son of William Roberts, 832nd.

Sherwood Jernigan, son of Harold Jernigan, 835th.

Wayne Cose, 835th.

Marjorie Kwiatkowski, niece of Leonard Kwiatkowski, 832nd.

Ray Belanger, 833rd.

Scott Morrell, son of Edwin Morrell, 834th.

Ralph Young, 832nd.

Fred Fellmeth, son of Adolph Fellmeth, 833rd

Robert Harper, 832nd.

Angus Lovan, 834th.

Gene Petersen, 833rd.

Betty Koll, wife of Darrel Koll, 833rd.

Terry Pierce, son of Albert Pierce, 833rd.

Robert Abbott.

Bob Philips, 832nd.

Thomas Mayfield, III, son of Thomas Mayfield, Jr. 835th.

John and Paul Wilde, son of Rex Wilde, 835th.

Steve Solomon, son of William R. Solomon, 834th.

Bud Hillman, 834th.

Ron Martin

John R. Rumisek, 76th.

Gregory J. Campbell, son of Leslie F. Campbell, 833rd.

J.C. Coats, 832nd.

Robert Bloch, 832nd.

William Sartain, brother of John Sartain, 835th (KIA).

Robert Nelson, 833rd.

Morris Robley, 834th.

Walter Nelson, son of Lyle Nelson, 833rd.

John L. Brozenske, 833rd.

Robert Lowe, Jr., son of Robert Lowe, Sr., 832nd.

Cedric Welch, nephew of Arnold "Ray" Welch, 832nd (KIA)

Linda Camp, niece of Kenneth Russel, 832nd (KIA)

Gail McNicholas, daughter of E. Glenn "Nick" McNicholas, 832nd

Bob Cross, 835th

Phil Anderson, 834th

Dan Dennis, 833rd.

John C. Albanese, 833rd

Diana McCadden, daughter of Robert McCadden, 832nd

David Goldberg, son of Jordan Goldberg, 833rd.

Bill Stewart, 834th.

Arthur J. May, 832nd.

SaVanne Kilgore daughter of Don Conyers, 835th

David L. Brown son of Warren C. Brown, 835th.

Dr Hub Groeneveld, The Netherlands.

Bob Bee and Dick Wood, "War Stories of the O&W."

John Convery, 834th.

Ann Brown, daughter of Francis Brown, 832nd.

James C. Simon, 835th.

Henry St. Clair, 835th.

Joseph P. Connolly, 833rd.

Charlie O. Steinmetz, 832nd.

John Pedersen, 834th.

August Pedersen, son of John Pedersen, 834th.

Mort Ronson, 835th.

Phylis Brinkman Craig, daughter of Philip S. Brinkman, 834th.

James Whitted, son of Clyde Whitted, 835th.

Jerry Pecoraro, 832nd.

Michael Berry, son of Ernest P. Berry, 833rd.

Walter Dickerson, 833rd.

James Moss, 833rd.

Larry Krikorian, son of Krikor Krikorian, 832nd.

Clayton Hutsell, 835th.

Ron Conley, son of Robert Conley.

C. Stewart, son of Charley Stewart, 835th.