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486th Related websites/pages

Ronald Bereman
832nd BS (H)

Control Towers

Airfield Aerial Photo
06DEC44 Crash Albert I. Pierce
832nd BS (H)
F. Evangeline Blauvelt, RN
136th Sta. Hospital
Updates Clotilde Govoni Kaluta, RN
136th Sta. Hospital
Americans in Sudbury

8th AF and WWII related sites

487th Bomb Group 384th Bomb Group 392nd Bomb Group (H)
34th Bomb Group (H) 446th Bomb Group (H) A ride on the Aluminum Overcast
Kassel American Air Museum, Duxford, UK GI Memories
World War II Memorial Fund Five Grand Aircraft of the ETO
  Bomb Ballistics  

Contact information

If you have any information that you would like to share, please contact me at the E-mail address below. I will update this page with information about the planes and their crews as it becomes available. Please put "486th" in your subject line with any correspondence.

Pictures are appreciated. If you do not have electronic copies of your pictures, I can scan them at no charge.

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Due to the entropic nature of information, no guarantee can be made as to the accuracy of the information on this website. Updates occur often, and corrections are always welcomed.

The 486th Bomb Group Association does not endorse, nor do we support, the American War Library website!

Personnel Records search

If you are conducting research into a group or individual the website: Army Air Forces is an excellent site containing addresses to the relevant agencies, and links to other bomb groups.

For fighter group information go to Peter's 8th Air Force Fighter Group Place.


National POW Museum The World War II Experience Centre D-Day Memorial
Moonlight Swing D-Day Museum Illustrations in Profile
POW-MIA Purchase DVD

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