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Harley R. Stroven, Armaments Officer, 835th: 10/29/02
Harley passed away at Gerber Memroial Hospital in Fremont, MI. He was born Oct 11, 1921 in Fremont to G. D. and Redka Stroven. He served as a 1st LT in the USAAF as an Armament Officer of the 835th BS (H). In civilian life, he was a retired USPS employee. He was a member of First Reformed Church, and the Newaygo County Society of History and Genealogy. He was also the founder and owner of Windmill Gardens.

He married Barbara P. Train on August 9, 1945, and survives him along with three children: Dan E. Stroven of Grant, MI.; Timothy J. Stroven of Allegan, MI; and Jan L. (Douglas) Burton of Grand Haven, MI. Harley also leaves behind six grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, and one sister, Genevieve Feller, of West Plains, MO.

He was preceeded in death by his half-brother, George W. Stroven; and by two half-sisters: Hazel Travis and Bertha Eisanach

Frederick P. Lane: 08/21/02
Fred passed away peacefully at West Suffolk Hospital at the age of 56. Fred is brother to Roger Lane, the 486th artist, and was a partner in the photography firm Curtin Lane. Admitted to the hospital a week prior to his death, Fred had been diagnosed with cancer following exploratory surgery. His unexpected death shocked friends and family.
Fred was active in Sudbury's Quay Theater, and Sudbury Light Operatic Society, acting on stage, and working behidn the scenes.  He was also their photographer.
Born in Acton, and resident there, Fred was active in the community. He served the Parish Council, and was a long standing member of the Acton Cricket Club. He was also a member of the Newton Green Golf Club. Fred was instrumental in reforming Acton's Cricket Club 25 years earlier. Shortly following Fred's death, the club experienced a bitter sweet moment by winning the McNeil League Cup at Tuddenham for the first time in the club's history.

Walthall Crew Update:

To date we have managed to find LT Quentin Ingerson, Navigator, SGT Kazmer Rachak, and the sister of LT William Myers, Norma Newson. These individuals have also been contacted by Mr. Wilfried Krahwinkel, military historian for the Island of Borkum. The story of the Walthall crew appeared in the Fall/Winter edition of the O&W Newsletter. You can also read about the crew at www.486th.org/BS832/Walthall.htm. The fate seven of the nine members of the Walthall crew is tragic, and only one of many such fates suffered by downed airmen behind Germany's lines in the last year of the war. LT Ingerson, and SGT Rachak served the remainder of the war as POWs (Kriegsgefangener).

Kazmer and Quentin knew little about the circumstances of their crewmates fate, other than they had perished. Kazmer memorialized his crew by creating an embroidered hanky from any scrap materials he could find, and using a hanky as the base. 60 years later a memorial will be dedicated on the Island of Borkum where the rest of the Walthall crew were murdered by a soldier of the Wehrmacht. Research into the events that day is being conducted by Mr. Krahwinkel, Colonel Helmut Scheder, Dr. Bryan van Sweringen and Dr. Zühlke. The memorial has won the support of the Mayor of Borkum, local clergy, and members of the local Rotary Club. The Rotary Club is giving consideration to funding the project. Dedication is expected to take place on the 4th of August, 2004. Norma Newson is making plans to attend the dedication ceremonies, but Kazmer and Quentin have, thusfar, declined the invitation.

Quentin and Kazmer were located using home of record information provided by Dr van Sweringen, and the website www.whitepages.com . Other potential family members were identified, but to date no one has replied to the mailings. Interestingly, Norma (Myers) Newson was not on the original mailing list, because she was not identified in the searches. Contact with her was established when the wife of one of the men (not related) on the contact list spoke of my letter with her beautician. The beautician new Mrs. Newson, and suggested that Mrs. Myers (no relation) contact her. She did, and passed along my contact information. No small miracle in my book!


Fall/Winter Newsletter Edition:

The latest issue of the O&W Newsletter is in the mail, and members should have their copy soon. If you're not a member, or your dues are due, send your dues to Gus Lovan; 19 Sweetgum Dr.; Pawley's Isle, SC 29585. Dues information can be found on the association page.

As your read the newsletter, you may become aware of several type-O's and grammar errors. I tried to have these corrected, but "the train had left the station." I apologize for mispellling anyone's name, particuarly Mr. Kazmer Rachack.

Thanks to everyone who sent me a "job well done." Doing the e-newsletter I found it somewhat easy, and didn't worry about deadlines. Doing the official newsletter has given me a new outlook on the difficulty of the job. I doff my hat to all past editors of the newsletter.

I've already begun plans for the next newsletter. If you would like to have something included for the Spring issue, please let me have your articles, information, or requests for information by March 1st.



B-17 Flying Fortress Units of the Eighth Air Force (Part 2) by Martin Bowman -- This book deals with the Fortress units of the 3rd Air Division, and features "Rack n Ruin" and "American Beauty" from the 486th.

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