Harris' Crew

(submitted by John L. Brozenske)

LT Harris

(submitted by John L. Brozenske)

LT Haemmerle's crew, 833rd.

Standing (L to R): SGT Harper (waist), Raymond E. Breclaw (ball), John L. Brozenske (tail), Horace E. Russel (FE/top), Robert J. Simonetti (R/O), James W. Reynolds (waist).
Kneeling (L to R): H. F. Ealer (B), Daniel M. Morris (N), Thomas E. Kelly (CP), Martin B. Haemmerle (P).

The ten men of LT Haemmerle's crew trained together and transferred overseas. The crew picked up a brand new B17G at the Staging Wing at Hunter Airfield in Savannah, GA. From there they flew to Grenier Field in New Hampshire on Sept 7, '44. They arrived in Angsley, North Wales on the 18th after making stops at Goos Bay, Labrador and Reykjavik, Iceland.

When the crew arrived in Subury in September of 1944, the typical bomber crew had been reduced to nine men. Consequently, SGT Harper was taken off the crew when they arrived in Sudbury. Prior to the crew's first mission LT Haemmerle flew a check-out flight with the Coy on October 5th. LT Haemmerle would be made POW when he was shot down with the Coy crew. LT Harris was a copilot on another crew and was promoted to 1st pilot and was selected to replace Haemmerle. This crew flew 18 missions together before Harris finished his tour.

On Harris' last flight, 12/24/44, the aircraft they were flying was badly shot up by FLAK, but returned to Sudbury. Harris would transfer, but the remainder of the crew would be given a week of R&R before picking up their new pilot, LT Mullen. The tour with Mullen would last only 10 missions. On their second mission, 01/08/45, the aircraft was again badly shot up and forced down on the continent. SGT Russell affected repairs and the crew returned on the 10th.

The Navigator, radio operator, flight engineer and copilot left with LT Mullen when he transferred to the Weather Recon Group. The bombardier and gunners joined the pool to complete their missions.

Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
Paul E. Harris LT Pilot   12/24/44 Completed tour.
Thomas E. Kelly 2nd LT Copilot 10/14/44   Trans to Weater Recon Group.
Daniel M. Morris 2nd LT Navigator 10/14/44   Trans to Weater Recon Group.
Harold F. Ealer 2nd LT Bombardier 10/14/44   Completed tour.
Horace E. Russell CPL Flight Engineer/Top 10/14/44   Trans to Weater Recon Group.
Robert J. Simonetti CPL Radio Operator 10/14/44   Trans to Weater Recon Group.
Raymond E. Breclaw CPL Ball 10/14/44   Completed tour.
James W. Reynolds CPL Waist 10/14/44 03/17/45 Completed 30 missions.
John L. Brozenske S/SGT Tail 10/14/44 03/23/45 Completed tour with 32 missions.
William Haprer CPL Gunner     Transfered.
080 (abort) 09/21/44   PS 43-33790 B17G
091 10/14/44 Vermont Maid ND 43-38246 B17G
092 10/15/44   PR 42-97968 B17G
093 10/17/44 Sleepy Time Gal ND 42-98007 B17G
097 10/25/44   TS 43-38140 B17G
100 11/02/44   TS 43-37970 B17G
103 11/06/44 Vermont Maid ND 43-38246 B17G
104 11/09/44   PS 43-37970 B17G
105 11/10/44   TS 43-37970 B17G
106 11/16/44   TS 43-37970 B17G
107 11/21/44   TS 43-37970 B17G
108 11/25/44   TS 43-37970 B17G
109 11/27/44   TS 43-37970 B17G
110 11/30/44   PS 43-37970 B17G
112 12/06/44   PG 43-37943 B17G
113 12/10/44   PS 43-37970 B17G
114 12/11/44   PS 43-37970 B17G
115 12/12/44   PS 43-37970 B17G
118 12/24/44   PS 43-37970 B17G

LT Mullen becomes pilot.

128 01/07/45       B17G
129 01/08/45       B17G
131 01/13/45       B17G
134 01/18/45       B17G
136 01/21/45       B17G
141 02/06/45       B17G
145 02/16/45       B17G
148 02/21/45       B17G
149 02/22/45       B17G
160 03/08/45       B17G

SGT Brozenske's remaining missions as a pool gunner.

163 03/11/45       B17G
164 03/12/45       B17G
168 03/18/45       B17G
172 03/23/45       B17G

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