Letters, Poetry, and Diaries

I have decided to present the letters and diaries as they were written by the authors. These are personal documents, and duplicating the grammar and spelling from the originals, preserves this personal nature. Some errors, however, are errors of transcription.

  1. High Flight  by John G. Magee, Jr.
  2. Warren Brown Diary, Warren Brown, 835th. (Brown)
  3. CWS report (Andrews)
  4. 834th report for July 1945 (Andrews)
  5. FLAK by John Albanese, 833rd.
  6. A Typical Mission by John Albanese, 833rd.
  7. A poem to a friend, by Bob Bloch.
  8. WWII advertisements.
  9. Rosie the Riveter
  10. In memoriam
  11. Newspaper article from 20 Jan, '45.
  12. Intel report, 10 Oct, 44
  13. The Return, Beryl Miles  (Brozenske)
  14. The Straggler, T/SGT Orvil Lindsey (Brozenske)
  15. Administrative Policies (Andrews)
  16. Team work wins (Andrews)
  17. Kill Claims (Andrews)
  18. Taps
  19. VE-Day
  20. Station Life (VE Day)
  21. Farewell letter from GEN Eisenhower. (Brozenske)
  22. Merseberg! (Cose)
  23. Make Like a Tourist (Albanese)
  24. Planes I Flew In. (Albanese)
  25. Richard Douglas War Diary (Douglas)
  26. Mini Diary (Suing).
  27. They Also Served by John Albanese, 833rd.
  28. Lady V
  29. Doodlebugs and rockets ( V-1 AND V-2 ) (Albanese)
  30. Commendation (Coats)
  1. A Mission Remembered by John Albanese, 833rd.
  2. Bail out (Petersen)
  3. Phonetic Alphabet
  4. Ode to Raymond Havas Grantham (Bloch)
  5. Investigation of death's of Dolan crewmembers (NARA)
  6. POW/MIA
  7. In 1944
  8. In 1945
  9. War Diary of LT William Roberts, Jr. (Roberts)
  10. War Diary entry of LT Robert J. Buettner (Buettner)
  11. War Diary of SGT John MacBride (Guercia/MacBride)
  12. War Diary of SGT Madison Parker (Parker)
  13. War Diary of LT Les Hull (Plummer)
  14. War Diary of LT George Edgar (Edgar-Major)
  15. Newspaper article about LT Bacher
  16. Newspaper article about LT Baguley
  17. Newspaper article about LT Elson (Andrews)
  18. Gunner selection
  19. Lyman Huffman's War Diary (Huffman)
  20. Matthew Vacante (Curtin)
  21. American Potash Company (Curtin)
  22. A letter home (Garner)
  23. Dresden, a book report (smith)
  24. McCabe letter (McCabe)
  25. LT Yaksick saves copilot
  26. CPL Phil Brinkman
  27. LT Bailey, Expectant Father
  28. Crew of Pandora's Box struggles to return
  29. LT Frank Farrell
  30. Flak misses SSGT Jack Truxell
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